In Ancient Greek mythology, the griffins were said to be "the hounds of Zeus". Half-Eagle, Half-lion
the beasts have guarded Great Treasures throughout time
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Litepaper 2.0 "The Summit"


Griffin Investments DAO brings quality art to the NFT space and rewards its holders with quarterly Token Buybacks.


Our NFTs are backed by an equity stake in the DAO's treasury, which holds a diversified collection of digital, physical and financial assets.

A community owned investment fund, where ownership rights are distributed to Griffin NFT holders.


Griffin DAO Explainer

How to Mint. What is Griffin? How do you earn?

Why we took the path.

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We have chosen to immediately open minting

We believe the fairest way for a new project to mint an NFT collection is by being open to the public from the very beginning. 


This guarantees our earliest community members have the opportunity to mint from us when they feel comfortable to do so.

Price: 1.0 Sol

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Investment Strategy

At Griffin Investments DAO, our number one priority is wealth preservation.


Griffin Investments DAO is looking to be a liquidity provider for decentralized exchanges (DEX's).


The DAO aggregates funding from its members, and reinvests it into innovative digital assets.


The principles underpinning our investment strategy do not belong to us. They are primarily based on the ideas expressed by Benjamin Graham and refined by Warren Buffet.

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Mt. Olympus

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100% Sold

Griffin DAO

Asset Management

Further along the path...

  • Apply to be listed on secondary marketplaces

  • Contact MoonRank to provide official collection rarity rankings

  • Custom online merchandise store (profits sent to DAO's treasury).

  • Gather unique and talented artists to develop second collection; sales go directly to growing DAO treasury. (Second collection release will be at least three-months after Griffins Sell-out).

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60% Sold

Community Investment

  • $12,000 Investment Voted On By Community

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40% Sold

  • $6,000 Charitable Donation Voted On By The Community

Charitable Donation

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End of 1st Quarter March 31st

  • Griffin holders receive first Sol airdrop

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1% Sold

  • At First Sale Treasury Investment Operations Begin

Operations Begin

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0% Sold

  • Griffin Mint Is Open!


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Noah Niemeyer


Matt Jacob whitman

Matt Jacob whitman

Matt Jacob whitman

President Founder

Preston Barney

Technical Lead

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Matt Jacob whitman

Matt Jacob whitman


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Yung Cuban

Yung Cuban

Yung Cuban

Marcello Valente

Jason M

S Dub

Moderator & Partnership Outreach

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Holiday B

LL Griffin Circle PFP.png

LL Griffin


Social Media Engagement

Moderator & Editor

Community Leader

Moderator & IT Specialist & Bouncer

Moderator & Animations

Moderator & Ambassador

Social Media Engagement

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The treasury is where the DAO's investments are held. Overseen by our team of fund managers, our objective is to preserve capital and generate sustainable returns. Treasury reports will be posted monthly, quarterly and annually. These reports will keep DAO members informed of the treasury's holdings and performance.

Legal Disclaimer

Griffin Investments DAO NFTs are not securities. We are not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and purchasing our NFTs does not legally give our NFT holders ownership rights over any revenues generated from DAO activities. Any promises of treasury ownership are to be carried out by the DAO's founders, but are not legally recognized.


There isn't much of a precedent for securitizing NFTs; We are seeking out legal avenues to do so at Griffin Investments DAO.

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Join the path...

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Visio Aquila, Animos Leonis

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